Weirdo Cinema

Weirdo Cinema

I have been told, over and over, that my taste in movies is, well, “weird.” I used to resist this label, but over the years, I have come to embrace it. Yes, I like weird films. Cheesy films. Ultra-low-budget films. Strange pieces of celluloid that make one wonder, “Who the hell came up with this,” and “I certainly hope they find Jesus.”

In other, simpler words, B-movies.

But as you are about to discover, perhaps these aren’t necessarily bad pieces of film. We tend to forget that not every movie is meant to be a classic. We stutter and spit on about how “this movie shoulda did this,” or “that actor shoulda acted better,” or whatever nonsense I’m trying to utter while hip-deep in booze and 2AM despair. But some films are meant to simply entertain, and I’m not referring to the marginally passable escapism we see from most summer blockbuster product these days. I’m talking about movies that are so laughably zany, so incredibly gross that you’d worry for the eternal souls of those who created it.

So why not share that love with all of you? Join the madness by reading my wacky ramblings on these ‘diamonds on the rough.’ I cannot promise they will be coherent, as I’ll be drowning in liquor and wasted dreams throughout every viewing, but then again, neither are most of these films.

Warning: there will be coarse language and suggestive material.

Galaxy of Terror (1981)
May 18, 2017