Maestro’s Marathons


Growing up, one of my most favorite pastimes was catching the latest movie marathon on cable. Holidays, sci-fi and horror marathons, or just for the hell of it, they were glorious. Here, I endeavor to relive the magic by bringing to all of you my own marathon ideas.

There will be two types of marathons under this column: TraditionalĀ and Event Weeks/Months.

Traditional marathons resemble the usual 24-hour time frame marathon, with a series of films meant to be watched in quick succession. In these posts I will list each film along with my reasons for its inclusion and order placement.

The Event marathons are meant to resemble themed events from cable television, spanning many days. These are usually for holidays; horror movies in October, Christmas movies in December, you get the idea. Included in these posts will be a summary of the marathon written “in universe” as if broadcast on TV, along with a custom video ad for that marathon.

You can find all of them below, organized by posting date.

The Wolverine Saga Marathon
(April 3, 2017)

Star Wars Day 2017
(May 4th, 2017)

The American Spirit Marathon
(July 1st-4th, 2017)

The Ancient Evil Halloween Marathon
(October 19th-31st, 2017)