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Looking for an opinion before you take the plunge on a fan edit? Or maybe you need some ideas for which ones to search for? Check out my reviews for every fan edit I watch, organized by posting date. Reviews are judged by these criteria: original vision, editing, sound mix, and visual effects. Availability will be discussed as well, however, I WILL NOT post direct links or mention sites which violate copyright law.

Dune: Third Stage Edition by PhineasBG
(April 21, 2017)

LV-426 by The Man Behind the Mask
(April 26, 2017)

Derelict by JobWillins
(May 19, 2017)

Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back – Revisited by Adywan
(September 6, 2017)

Paradise by JobWillins
(September 21, 2017)

The Star Wars Trilogy Despecialized Editions by Harmy
(December 11, 2017)