Time to Get Halloween-y!

Now that we are leaving Blade Runner behind, it’s time to feel the fall!

For the rest of October, The Movie Maestro will be focusing on horror films in honor of All Hallow’s Eve, Halloween, the Festival of Samhain, whatever you want to call it! Kicking off this scary month will be the 2017 Halloween Horror Maestro’s Marathon, where I reveal this year’s horror theme. Check back in for the rest of the month for horror film reviews and other spooky goodies. My social media accounts will get ghostly as well!

Have fun and be safe this Halloween!


Maestro Update, September 10, 2017

You may have noticed that there wasn’t a Maestro’s Picks this past Friday, my apologies. This week hasn’t allowed me much reading, as I had my wisdom teeth pulled and have been in recovery for half the week, and working on Godzilla: Resurrection for the other half.

It will definitely be made up for however this week. I plan on seeing It tomorrow night, so expect a review for that Tuesday as well as a few more, and a trailer for Godzilla: Resurrection. Stay tuned!

Changes to Posting Schedule

Hey there true believers!

You may have noticed posting has slowed down here, and that is not a fluke. To better facilitate my work on Godzilla: Resurrection and my own short fiction writing, I have set a scaled-back schedule for myself on the blog, starting this Friday with the return of Maestro’s Picks. This time around, I’ll be presenting one item or topic that took the week for me, to you.

I will try to keep up with my reviews, with one or two a week at the very least. My special columns will continue, with at least one a month. The Double Feature Drive-In will continue once a month as well.

Social media posts will continue whenever I get to them, including two monthly highlights on Tumblr: Bite-Sized Fan Theories, and Criterion Creations, where I present one of my own hypothetical Criterion Collection covers.

As always, stay tuned to my fan edits page for updates on Godzilla: Resurrection. See ya!

Happy 4th of July Weekend!

Happy Independence Day from the Movie Maestro! Looking to add a cinematic flair to your 4th? Well, look no further, because I have endeavored to bring you Americanized picks of celluloid all weekend!

Check out my picks for the ultimate 4th of July movie marathon, as well as reviews from patriotic flicks all weekend!

Once again, Happy 4th, and stay safe!

Prelude to Alien Week

Hey everyone! In part to drum up some more readers before the big event, and also to cover some films that might only barely relate, I’ve decided that this week, May the 8th to the 14th, will officially be Prelude to Alien Week here at the Movie Maestro.

Check back throughout the week for reviews on all three Predator films as well as the Alien vs. Predator duology, plus a few more surprises. And check back May 15th for the start of Alien Week, which will be chock-full of posts revolving around that slimey, head-biting monster of the stars. Enjoy!

Maestro’s Picks – Alien Day, April 26, 2017


Welcome back, true believers! I’m not dead! In fact, I’m back just in time for Fox’s still-new yearly event, Alien Day!

Alien Day is an annual promotional event dedicated to the Alien franchise, held on April 26. It is officially organised and promoted by 20th Century Fox. The date is a reference to the moon on which Alien is set — April 26, 4/26, LV-426. The event typically involves a multitude of special releases, including novels, comic books, video games, clothing and collectibles. As well as physical releases, the day is marked by exclusive announcements, trivia competitions and the return of the classic films in the Alien franchise to theaters around the world. This year, the event includes the release of Dark Horse comics’ Aliens: Dead Orbit and Prometheus: Life and Death, Alien: Covenant In Utero VR experience, Alien: River of Pain audio drama, and a special, one-night-only rerelease of the original Alien, only at select Regal Cinemas RPX theaters in the United States.

If you’re looking for more to immerse yourself in the Alien universe, well, that’s why I’m here now! Below, I’ve compiled a list of articles and videos, all Alien-related. Have at it!

If you’re a fan of comedy website Cracked, then you should love this article by David Dietle, exploring in a funny tone the origins and deep-seated fear at the heart of the Alien franchise, as conceived by Dan O’Bannon. It’s quite a read. After that, go back in time to 1979 and discover Roger Ebert’s original review of the first film. And finally, pop into this Slate article by Tom Shone, “Women: The Other Alien in Alien.”

Not enough for ya? How about a heaping pile of Alien videos? First up is the Alien Theory YouTube channel, a series dedicated to exploring the multi-faceted universe of Alien, touching upon different expanded universe story concepts and interesting questions raised by the film’s themselves. My favorites:

Next, we have Rafa’s The Long Take, which I featured in my first Maestro’s Picks post. Check out his insightful and detailed analyses of the first two films of the franchise below:

And finally, one of my absolute favorite film channels on YouTube is Oliver Harper’s Retrospectives and Reviews. Featuring recaps of the films that are good enough to be trailers and Harper’s extensive exploration of the films, from their cinematography, script, and music, to even popular video games based on the film. Here are his retrospectives on the first three films of the Alien series. Get ready for a long haul, they are quite comprehensive!

Oliver Harper also has commentaries for all of the films including the two Alien vs Predator films available on his channel, give ’em a whirl if you like. Fire up a copy of the corresponding film for a truly unique experience!

Finally, I feel I should provide some news on my upcoming Alien Week here on the Movie Maestro. First, there will be a special prelude starting on May 1st, in which I will post reviews of the Predator and Alien vs Predator films. The main week, beginning Monday May 15th, will include reviews of all five films of the franchise, special Alien series fan edit reviews, an Alien: Isolation casting call, and my first post in the Head Canon column: The Perfect Organism fan theory, as interpreted by yours truly! The week will also include special Instagram and Tumblr posts, and will culminate in my review of Alien Covenant, in theaters May 19th.

Well, that’s all for now. Don’t forget to check back later for my fan edit review of LV-426, and if you live in my area, maybe we’ll run into each other at the Alien Day showing at the Regal RPX tonight. Until then, keep screaming. No one will hear you.