Time to Get Halloween-y!

Now that we are leaving Blade Runner behind, it’s time to feel the fall!

For the rest of October, The Movie Maestro will be focusing on horror films in honor of All Hallow’s Eve, Halloween, the Festival of Samhain, whatever you want to call it! Kicking off this scary month will be the 2017 Halloween Horror Maestro’s Marathon, where I reveal this year’s horror theme. Check back in for the rest of the month for horror film reviews and other spooky goodies. My social media accounts will get ghostly as well!

Have fun and be safe this Halloween!


A Taste of Tumblr and The Subversive Genius of Alien: Covenant

Last night, I threw in my Alien: Covenant blu-ray for my first viewing of Ridley Scott’s divisive return to the universe of the Xenomorph since May. Before, I knew I could see merit and even inspiration in Covenant, but I was still a bit on the fence. And then the blu-ray kicked back into the menu, I took to my Tumblr account to spill the excited beans. This was supposed to stay exclusive, but I felt it was too good to let my blog readers go without, so enjoy:


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Maestro’s Picks – March 31, 2017

Been awhile since I’ve done one of these, boy has a lot happened!

Several new trailers have dropped, each more thrilling than the last:
Justice League‘s second teaser trailer hit the internet Saturday the 25th, sending shockwaves through the DC and larger comic book communities. At the same time, a whole set of teaser and character posters dropped, offering new looks at the League. I’ve already commented on those posters on my Instagram and Tumblr, but if you’d like to check them out in large form, click here. Also revealed was the film’s runtime: 2 hours and 50 minutes. Too long? We’ll have to see.

Justice League hits theaters November 17, 2017.

On the Marvel side of things, Spider-Man: Homecoming also had a second trailer drop, to less fanfare but still a lot of hype. This one features a lot more Iron Man and Vulture, and some good looks at the homemade Spidey suit Peter Parker very briefly wore in Captain America: Civil War. You can also check out several new teaser posters here.

Spider-Man: Homecoming swings into cinemas July7, 2017.

And finally…..the big scary one. Stephen King’s It was probably one of the first things of my adolescence that actually scared me, and the book was the most disturbing thing I’ve ever opened (save for the odd sock drawer). So color me giddy when this teaser trailer appeared on my feed and absolutely blew me away. I used to think nothing could touch the 1990 miniseries, being one of the best King adaptations; now, I’m sold. How about you?

It Part 1: The Loser’s Club releases September 8, 2017.

I don’t feel like I need to beat a dead horse in the ass, but yes, I’m a complete Godzilla fanatic. And now that Ghost in the Shell is in theaters, Toho has decided to grace us all with new images and info regarding a new Godzilla project: an anime film in collaboration with Polygon Pictures, known as Godzilla: Monster Planet. A new plot summary for the film details the future setting, depicting humanity leaving Earth in the wake of kaiju rampages, only to find that the distant planet they hoped to settle in inhospitable to humans. Undetered, a small group of soldiers lead by protagonist Haruo journey back at relativistic speeds, finding Earth 20,000 years after they actually left, a true planet of monsters ruled by Godzilla.

An official website has been launched, offering the poster, synopsis, and character images and bios. The poster does not contain a glimpse of Godzilla, I’m afraid, but there is a nice helping of mechs and spaceships behind Haruo to wet the sci-fi fan’s appetite. Check out the poster below:

Godzilla: Monster Planet reaches Japanese theaters in November 2017, followed by a worldwide Netflix release at a later date to be determined.

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