I’m weird, I’m wacky, I’m Alex. And I welcome you to The Movie Maestro!

A Little About the Blog:

As you may or may not have read on my first post, this is a relaunch of my old blog from five years ago. While not too markedly different from that predecessor, the new and improved Movie Maestro is definitely a bit simpler. Maybe my ambition was too great, maybe I just didn’t know the first thing about blogging, but the old site had grown too big for its britches. No more!

Here, you will find my personal take on the wonderful realm of cinema, from reviews of every movie I watch, to fandom-laced rantings on pop culture. Fan casts, marathon lists, custom posters, you name it. It will all be here. You, my loyal readers, will even be first to see my own creations, ranging from fan edits of existing films to the web-published output of my studio label, Temporal Productions. And if you are a follower on social media such as Twitter, Instagram, or Tumblr, you’ll get even more goodies, like early reviews and even custom film art. 

A Little About Me:

I am the critic to end all critics and the greatest cinematic genius of our time. Good day.

Quit laughing, I know that’s the worst lie ever told.
In reality, I am a 27-year-old starving artist and aspiring filmmaker from Lorain, Ohio. I started this blog as an extension of my love for the cinematic arts and my desire to share my insight with others, and hopefully you find me as insightful as countless others who profess their love of film on the vast web of information.

When I’m not doing this, I’m either working nonstop, living life, or engaged in the endless creation of my own art, be it print, video, or prose. I have self-published three short films and continue to develop more, along with forays into novel writing. I’m a complete Photoshop addict (and if you follow me on Tumblr, you’ll get to see quite a bit of the results).

Alright, I’m done plugging. Go read some posts. Please?